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Hack Kosice 2024

The biggest international student hackathon in Middle Europe came back on 6-7 April 2024! We welcomed 200 students from 16 countries (6 continents) at a 24-hour event where hackers benefited from workshops, mentoring from professionals, sponsors’ challenges, and attractive prizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the application portal close?
The portal will be closed on March 24, 2024, at 23:59 GMT+1. After this date, you will not be able to submit your applications.
I am not a student. Am I allowed to attend?

You are eligible to apply and participate at Hack Kosice 2024 if you were legally a student on at least one day between 1 January 2023 and the day of submitting your application.

(Further, you must be born on or before 5 April 2008.)

Participants are most commonly Bachelor or Master students, but the criterion includes also pre-college students, recent graduates, doctoral students, professionals in education.

I will travel from abroad. Do you provide travel reimbursements?

We offer reimbursement of 20€ for participants travelling from Czechia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, and Ukraine, and 50€ for participants travelling from other countries abroad.

To be eligible for the reimbursement of your travel expenses, you need to:

  1. Request it through the application portal
  2. Attend the hackathon
  3. Submit and demo a project
  4. Upload receipts of your expenses by 21 April 2024

The following expenses can be reimbursed: travel costs to/from the event and accommodation up to 7 days before and after the event.

Is Hack Kosice free to attend?
Absolutely! Participation is free for all invited hackers. Moreover, we provide delicious food, interesting workshops, entertaining activities, and some swag during the event.
Will Hack Kosice be held in English?
Yes, the whole event, demoing, and presentations will be held in English, thus you should be familiar with it. However we do not require any language certificate or a specific language level, and the environment is very friendly towards English learners.
What if I want to take a nap?
During the night, there will be a dedicated sleeping room where no one will disturb you. A sleeping bag might come handy.
Do I need a team to apply?

Not necessarily. We encourage you to form a team before coming to the event. It is best if you already know the people who you will be working for 24 hours with.

In case you can’t find anyone, definitely apply, too, and we’ll help you match with other participants or teams at the event. After the opening ceremony there will be small team-finding event where individuals and partial teams have a minute each to present their idea to others still looking for a team.

Each project at the hackathon must be submitted by a team of 2-4 participants.

How large can teams be?

All teams must be of 2, 3 or 4 people.

Further, each attendee must be a member of exactly one team at the hackathon.

I am under 18. Am I allowed to attend?

We allow participants born on or before 5 April 2008.

Further, if you are going to be under 18 during the hackathon, we will need your parent’s written consent. Once you confirm your invitation, we will send you a paper form to be signed by your parent or legal guardian, that you then hand in at the registration.

By hacking, do you refer to breaching security?
Definitely not. Hacking is a slang term for coding/doing tech stuff. From wikipedia : The word “hackathon” is a blend of the words “hack” and “marathon”, where “hack” is used in the sense of exploratory programming, not its alternate meaning as a reference to breaching computer security.






Project submissions


In prizes

What they said about past events

Previous Hack Kosice hackathons hosted many hackers, sponsors, partners and friends. Here is what some of them said about the event.

Hack Kosice 2023 was my first-ever hackathon experience, and it was amazing! In just 24 hours, I learned so much and had a lot of fun. The atmosphere at the event was fantastic, and I was delighted with the presence of traditional Slovak dishes like “pirohy” and “halušky”. I would love to come back next year and participate again. Thanks so much for organizing such a great event!

Doan Bach Ngoc
HK23 Attendee

Hack Kosice made me experience first-hand the power of collaboration in a diverse, aligned team. I would have never even thought of developing a multi-purpose app in one day by myself! That kind of self-validation pushes young scientists to take the initiative and found startups.

HK23 Attendee

Our experience during Hack Kosice 2022 was beyond our expectations. The mentors did awesome job polishing our ideas, and each challenge was interesting in different ways. The supply of great food and coffee was the cherry on top. We enjoyed “hacking” in Kunsthalle, and look forward to the next hackathon.

Marcel Hric
Visma challenge winner at HK22

We are very happy that the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic supported the implementation of the international hackathon Hack Košice 2023, where participants from 27 countries had the opportunity to create unique solutions for digital assignments in their teams. Projects in the field of modern education and digital skills, such as the international student hackathon Hack Košice 2023, are among the long-term supported activities at MIRRI SR.

HK23 Patron

I have attended more than 50 hackathons worldwide and Hack Kosice is among the best events I have been to. The event felt really well put together and the production quality was absolutely top notch.

Major League Hacking

Hack Košice 2022 was an amazing event! We encountered a lot of talented engineers, and an amazing organizational team (and the quality was so great we still cannot believe it mostly consisted of students!). We’d witnessed and had been a part of some high-quality networking, great challenges, and a really, really great atmosphere.

Previous Platinum sponsor

Winning teams

1st Place Overall 🏆 [MLH] Best Use of AI in Education


See on Devpost
3rd Place Overall B/S/H/ Challenge Winner


See on Devpost
Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia Challenge Winner [MLH] Best Use of MongoDB Atlas


See on Devpost
Tatra banka Challenge Winner [MLH] Best Use of Auth0


See on Devpost
[MLH] Best Domain Name from GoDaddy Registry


See on Devpost

Congratulations to all winners, and thank you, everyone, for participating! See Devpost for all the challenges’ descriptions and project submissions.

Our Sponsors

Sponsors of Hack Kosice 2024 are announced on a rolling basis.

Become a sponsor

General Partners

Pavol Jozef Safarik University
Major League Hacking

Gold Sponsors

Tatra Banka
BSH Drives and Pumps s.r.o.
Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions
IBL Software Engineering

Silver Sponsors

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.

Bronze Sponsors

BeBy Cloud


ZAGX Productions

Hackathon rules

Read the full competition rules here. If in doubt about anything, don’t hesitate to contact us.