Meet our team

Andrea Komová

Project lead, HR


Juraj Mičko

Hacker Service, Co-founder


Pavol Drotár


Ádám Urbán


Jakub Žoldák



Rajmund Hruška

Hacker service

Samuel Vandak


Dominik Matis

Hacker service

Adam Pásztor


Peter Onduš

Lead – Hacker Service

Zoltán Hanesz


Zoltán Szitás



Filip Fabian


Peter Ridilla

Lead – Sponsors

Martin Piala


Matej Tarča


Janka Havranková

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We are a group of young and active Slovak students, who are highly passionate about inventing and exploring new ideas, innovating and improving current ones, and by doing this trying to better and enrich the world around us.

And of course, first and foremost, we are a HackKosice TEAM – a team that supports and helps each other in every situation.

Our motivation is to bring the great international experience, that hackathon is, closer to our home – Slovakia and as a result, create something extraordinary & new.

We believe that by opening our country to the world and promoting the international spirit of this event to Slovak students, we effectively enrich both sides and help to create friendly atmosphere stimulating development & innovation.

The ‘capital’ of the East is currently one of the most active and vivid centres of technological progress in the region of Central and East Europe.

With a high concentration of computer science students from local universities and a number of important tech-related companies, the city opens up to a number of possibilities for the effective organisation of a high-quality hackathon.