Startup track

Hack Kosice Startup Track

Hack Kosice is looking to support the teams who are willing to refactor their code written on Hack Kosice and deploy their application for broader use. Teams will be contacted in the weeks following Hack Kosice and will be offered assistance in turning their ideas into deployable solution.


All participating teams of Hack Kosice are elligible.

Selection criteria

To be considered for HK20 startup track the following criteria has to be met:

  • The hack must be usable by the broader public. Teams have to provide clear deployment (build) instructions in Devpost or the VCS repository.
  • The hack most have a public facing website with a description.

Teams may refactor the code and add to the code after the hackathon. In fact, they are encouraged to do so.

What can you get?

  • Your hack will be published on a list of hacks that successfully took of from Hack Kosice,
  • You will get a free legal service for registering a trademark in Slovakia (worth 300 EUR),
  • You will get guidance on how to register a EU or International trademark.

If you are interested in trademarks and the legal contrains of startups and enterpreneurship in IT. Join our legal talk lead by Adam Urban. partner

This initiative is supported by our partner and Bronze sponsor TramaTm and their partner